EverBank Class Action
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This website was established to provide information about the class action lawsuit involving EverBank's WorldCurrency CD financial product.
What is this lawsuit about?
Case Documents
EverBank is an online bank that offers numerous financial products to customers.  One of its products is called the EverBank WorldCurrency CD.  The concept is that a customer makes a deposit in US dollars, EverBank converts the dollars into the foreign currency of the customer's choice, and then EverBank opens a Certificate of Deposit which eventually matures and gives interest in the foreign currency.

Some customers of EverBank opened up WorldCurrency CDs denominated in Icelandic krona.  In 2008 the government of Iceland implemented certain currency controls which lead to certain events occuring in the foreign currency exchange markets. 

During part of this time, when various customers' krona WorldCurrency CDs would come due, EverBank would unilaterally decide to not renew the CD but rather to convert the CD back into US dollars.

A number of these former EverBank Icelandic krona WorldCurrency CD holders contend that EverBank converted their krona CD's into US dollars at an importune time and rate.  This lawsuit seeks to make these customers whole.
How can I get more information?
You can learn more about the case by reading all of the Case Documents.  You can also contact plaintiff's counsel
Case Status
Case Notes
Is there actually a class action lawsuit on file with a court?
Yes, there is a actual class action lawsuit which has been settled. You can read the Settlement Notice here.   It was originally filed in April 2009 in California state court but was transferred to federal court.  The case information is as follows: Vathana v. EverBank, Case No. C 09-2338 RS, United States District Court for the Northern District of California, Hon. Richard Seeborg, presiding.  On July 20, 2016, the court entered its final order approving the settlement.
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